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Liz Moorse


Photo of Liz Moorse

Liz is a Senior Professional with extensive experience of working on national education policy in England at the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency QCDA, formerly the QCA and SCAA.

In 1997, Liz managed the work of the Advisory Group on Education for Citizenship and the Teaching of Democracy in Schools, chaired by Professor, Sir Bernard Crick.

She then had national responsibility for the Citizenship curriculum, its assessment and qualifications. This involved leading the implementation (and review) of the National Curriculum, the production of national guidance for schools and post 16 settings, quality assuring new GCSE and A level qualifications and leading the national subject community network.

Since 2010 when Liz left QCDA, she has completed her MSc in Government, Policy and Politics at Birkbeck and currently works as an education consultant.

Liz is a regular adviser to the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) and a governing partner of Democratic Life, a coalition of committed organisations and individuals working together for stronger Citizenship Education in England.

  • Liz Moorse
  • 50 Featherstone Street , London EC1Y 8RT.

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