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16 November, 2012

Parliament Week: resources for teachers

Parliament Week starts on Monday. It aims to raise awareness of democracy and its institutions, and to show us all how we can take an active part in them.

Parliament Week is coordinated by the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Organisations from all over the UK are running activities for it.

The Citizenship Foundation is one of those partner organisations. Another is the Democratic Life coalition, of which we are a founder member.

We are both delighted to be involved in Parliament Week. Effective citizenship requires good understanding of the political system and confidence to help make it better.

Chance to be Chancellor
[Citizenship Foundation]

Chance to be Chancellor opens to entries on Friday 23 November.

Chance to be Chancellor is an annual online competition. It challenges 14-18 year-olds to create their own Budgets for the country.

Young people get to tell the Government how they think it should spend the public's money. These ideas are collated into a Youth Budget, which is presented to the Treasury.

Chance to be Chancellor

Guardian Teacher Network articles

Starting in the week beginning 26 November, hot on the heels of Parliament Week, the Citizenship Foundation is running a series of articles on the Guardian Teacher Network.

These articles will consider how young people engage in political issues, and why they need an understanding of politics and economics.

They will highlight the impact of Chance to be Chancellor and show teachers how to bring political and economic issues to life.

The series of articles will be published in the week beginning 26 November 2012, the week beginning 4 February 2013 and at the beginning of March.

Young People's Question Time
[Hansard Society]

The Hansard Society is hosting another Young People's Question Time, at Portcullis House on Monday 19 November.

Politicians from across the political spectrum will engage with young people on the questions that matter to them.

It takes place at Portcullis House on 19 November 2012 and is chaired by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

The event is full, but you may still register [Link to registration] in case places become available.

The Power of Our Voices
[Amnesty International]

The Power of Our Voices is a free, multimedia teaching resource that explores the power of protest songs to promote human rights and social change.

Students explore case studies from around the world, from the US Civil Rights movement to Egypt's Tahrir Square and Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Songs there have helped people organise for enfranchisement and human rights.

The resource is designed for secondary citizenship, English, RE and music. It includes an assembly and three lessons.

Rap-poet Kate Tempest gives advice on creating protest lyrics. Students are invited to submit their own work to Amnesty's Protest Song Competition.

Invite an MP to school

Why not show your MP a citizenship class in progess? Democratic Life is encouraging schools to show their local politicians how they are helping their students grow into informaed and effective citizens.


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