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27 November, 2013

Hedgehog activist Jack, 10, meets the Prince of Wales at youth social action campaign launch

Jack, from Kent, joined the Step Up To Serve launch party at Buckingham Palace last week for his part in hedgehog conservation, which he and his classmates do as part of our Go-Givers programme.

Led by Dame Julia Cleverdon and Amanda Jordan, Step up to Serve (hitherto known as Campaign for Youth Social Action) aims to double the number of 10-20 year-olds engaging in social action by 2020.

The campaign launched officially at Buckingham Palace last Thursday, with Prince Charles, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and people across the UK and on Twitter all pledging their support.

Go-Giver Jack meets the Prince of WalesWe sent ten-year-old classroom activist Jack to represent his class on behalf of our Go-Givers social action programme for primary schools.

Jack and his classmates were shocked into action when they learned that the number of hedgehogs in the UK has declined from 36 million in 1950 to one million today.

So they started their own campaign to raise awareness of the hedgehogs' plight, which was picked up by the local press.

The Citizenship Foundation's social action programmes open up opportunities for young people to take the lead and to make positive and effective contributions to the world they live in. We give them a head-start for social action after school.

The Go-Givers programme challenges primary school children to find an issue that interests them and to campaign for it.

Since 2008, Go-Givers has turned more than 11,500 primary school children into community activists. Activity has ranged from advocating for hedgehogs to transforming unsafe areas of the local community.

In secondary education, our Giving Nation programme has helped over a quarter of a million young people to give their time, energy and voice to improve other people's lives.

It challenges them to take action on issues they care about, as social entrepreneurs, fundraisers, campaigners and volunteers.

Since 2007, Giving Nation social action projects have raised almost £1.5 million, for nearly 3,500 social causes.

For every £1 entrusted to a young person by Giving Nation in 2013, they raised £5 for charity and gave five hours of their free time.

Our pledge for Step Up To Serve is to double the number of young people using Go-Givers and Giving Nation as spring-boards to more social action.


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