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5 February, 2016 Join us at Irwin Mitchell in Birmingham, 26 February, when we launch our new public legal education programme 2 February, 2016 National campaign encourages school students to join the electoral register 1 February, 2016 We've moved! 26 January, 2016 We're moving! We may be hard to contact for the rest of the week 19 January, 2016 To prevent extremism, look toward citizenship organisations, Morgan tells teachers 18 January, 2016 The more power citizens have the less anxious they are, suggests new research 12 January, 2016 The Government won't tackle extremism by scaring teachers into shutting down debate, say school leaders 12 January, 2016 Nicky Morgan tells schools to 'develop active citizens' 18 December, 2015 Early-bird discount on SMSC and British values training for primary schools 14 December, 2015 20 per cent off British values conference for teachers! 10 November, 2015 We would need far fewer laws if we helped people understand them in the first place, says the Solicitor General 30 October, 2015 British values training for primary schools, 6 November - places still available 29 October, 2015 Pro Bono Week event: Is helping young people learn about the law good for business? 25 September, 2015 Crime in Schools? Students need some carrot, not just the big stick, says Citizenship Foundation 10 September, 2015 Citizenship Foundation closed until Tuesday 15 September 6 September, 2015 US Actor Paul Newman's legacy will help disadvantaged children in London and Leeds 14 August, 2015 A-level petition rebooted: you can help us save citizenship studies 27 July, 2015 Exam boards submit new GCSE citizenship proposals to Ofqual 9 July, 2015 Prevent Duty on schools: citizenship classes are key, says Government 23 June, 2015 Military ethos in schools is not character education but recruitment propaganda, claim Mark Thomas and Clare Short 8 June, 2015 Birmingham leads the way in promoting British values of law and justice with national mock trials competition final 5 June, 2015 New, free teaching unit for exploring values in class 4 June, 2015 Teachers concerned about exploring controversial issues in class 14 May, 2015 Schools can no longer teach A level citizenship 30 April, 2015 PSHE will join citizenship as a statutory curriculum subject under the Lib Dems, says David Laws 17 April, 2015 Free ACT resources for teaching about the election 17 April, 2015 Go-Givers election resources for primary schools 16 April, 2015 Political Studies Association to give free workshops on applying to university 16 April, 2015 Voter registration deadline is Monday - tell your students before it's too late 27 March, 2015 Lord Justice Leveson and TV's Judge Rinder join forces to promote public legal education 17 March, 2015 Michael Gove's school reforms are alienating young people from politics, new research suggests 12 March, 2015 'Keep Giving Nation going!' says People's Strictly star Heather 5 March, 2015 Leveson's inquiring mind to target ordinary school pupils in mock trial competition final 5 March, 2015 The Queen's deputy legal adviser turns attention to school students 27 February, 2015 New training packages for primary school teachers 26 February, 2015 Lawyers in Schools to launch in Scotland 26 February, 2015 Judge Rinder won't hinder legal eaglets 23 February, 2015 Campaign to save A level citizenship gathers pace 21 February, 2015 Boom, Bust and Crunch economy education programme is nominated for national CSR award 14 February, 2015 Labour will 'redesign' the citizenship curriculum and lower the voting age to 16, says Ed Miliband 13 February, 2015 A level citizenship is in grave danger: please help us save it 12 February, 2015 New citizenship GCSE content announced 10 February, 2015 Lawyers! Pop in tomorrow to find out how you can help school students get to grips with the law 6 February, 2015 As the 'British values' debate rumbles on, what exactly is expected of schools? 5 February, 2015 National Voter Registration Day is here to remind us that we can't vote if we don't register 3 February, 2015 The post-election future is in our hands; are your students ready to vote? 16 January, 2015 Pupils lack human rights understanding as a third of teachers feel ill-equipped to teach it, says new poll 13 January, 2015 British values: why are we so afraid to teach citizenship? 12 January, 2015 'British values'? The citizenship curriculum has it covered 25 November, 2014 Schools are key to encouraging social action, says new research from Ipsos MORI