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20 December, 2012

Cabinet Office considers new social action proposals for 10-20 year-olds

A Cabinet Office team has published recommendations for providing a 'social action journey' to young people. It proposes a 'more seamless' progression between opportunities, and says schools should be a key provider of these.

Kensington Primary Schools march for their Go-Givers campaign
Social action at school: primary school children in London campaign to renovate a local park

We welcome the call for such a progression. And we welcome the team's recognition that while the National Citizen Service is a 'central universal moment in this journey', it should be ‘embedded in a decade of opportunities'.

We also welcome the recommendation to ‘embed social action in schools'.

We hope the Cabinet Office and Department for Education can work together to strengthen the opportunities that already exist in the school curriculum.

At the moment, many of these are provided by the citizenship curriculum.

We hope the education system will continue to support these opportunities, regardless of whether schools follow the National Curriculum.

The recommendations are published in In the Service of Others: A vision for youth social action by 2020. It is the report of Decade in Social Action, a team set up by the Cabinet office to review its provision of social action opportunities for young people.


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