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30 April, 2013

Get your head round the law: Young Citizen's Passport 16th edition on sale now

The Young Citizen's Passport is back, packed full with useful information about work, safety, money, police, human rights and much, much more.

YCP 15th editionLaw affects every aspect of young people's lives. This colourful book explains a wide range of the law in England and Wales, in clear language.

What is your landlord allowed to do? What's the difference between licensed taxis and minicabs? What financial help is available to students? What happens if you're arrested? What rights do you have at work?

The Young Citizen's Passport (YCP) is an invaluable source of legal information.

It was first published in 1995; the 16th edition was published in March 2013.

Buy YCP 16th edition from Amazon.


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