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1 May, 2013

New collaboration with FTI Consulting will help young people understand the economic crisis

Boom, Bust and Crunch is a brand new project for 2013, which the Citizenship Foundation is developing with FTI Consulting. It will engage 14-16 year olds in some of the issues surrounding the economic crisis.

The younger generation contains our future economists, politicians and voters. Yet there are few good-quality educational resources that make the financial crisis easy to understand.

There is also little that recognises the importance for young people to understand why it happened and how we might prevent it from happening again.

Boom, Bust and Crunch will help to fill those gaps.

Boom, Bust and Crunch is being developed by the Citizenship Foundation in partnership with FTI Consulting. Both organisations believe in making complex economic concepts easier to understand.

FTI Consulting brings to the project people with a broad range of expertise: from economists to communications strategists.

The Citizenship Foundation has over ten years' experience of providing quality education about the relationship between the economy and society, through programmes such as Paying for It and the Youth Budget.

Boom, Bust and Crunch will consist of three lessons, facilitated by volunteers from FTI Consulting and, later, from some of their client organisations. They will use resources created specially by the Citizenship Foundation with support from employees from FTI Consulting.

We shall pilot the resources with a school in Southwark in June 2013. They will be rolled out to more schools in the next academic year.


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