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19 July, 2013

19 days to make the citizenship curriculum better

Consultation on the new National Curriculum ends on 8 August, after which it is set in stone. If you want a better citizenship curriculum, you need to respond to the consultation within the next three weeks.

Michael Gove recently published his final draft of the new National Curriculum. However, its provision for citizenship still lacks some of the elements we have been arguing for.

But the Department for Education is listening, so we continue to lobby it to:

  • Include a clearer requirement to teach about human rights
  • Clarify that active citizenship is not just volunteering, but involves genuine social and democratic action
  • Enhance the new requirement for financial education so that it includes an understanding of public finance
  • Ensure key stage 3 does not focus solely on the UK
  • Improve the subject aims
  • Show appropriate progression between key stages 3 and 4, especially in key areas such as the law
  • Make citizenship a statutory entitlement for primary shcool children.

Prominent campaigner Liz Moorse has written more details about this on the Democratic Life website.

If you want to see a stronger citizenship curriculum than is currently on the table, you too can make your voice heard by responding to the government consultation.

You can download a response form from gov.uk, respond online or email the consultation team.

The deadline is 8 August.


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