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11 September, 2013

Victory! The citizenship curriculum is improved! And schools have a whole year to bring it to life

Today, the UK Government published its new national curriculum for secondary schools. We have won improvements to citizenship education since the draft: now work must start on making it great.

We have campaigned for more than three years for citizenship to stay on the national curriculum. We worked through Democratic Life, a coalition spearheaded by Liz Moorse, a Citizenship Foundation trustee.

Many suppoerters joined us in giving evidence to the various consultations. Right up until last month, we were all still lobbying hard for important changes to the draft curriculum.

Well, our efforts have paid off.

The final citizenship curriculum for key stages 3 and 4 includes specific changes that we called for: 

  • explicit reference to human rights and the United Nations
  • more prominent references to democracy, public institutions and the role of voluntary groups in society
  • stronger references to active citizenship, rather than simply 'volunteering'
  • financial education widened to include how public money is raised and spent
  • clearer progression between key stages.

It's been hard work, but Michael Gove has today published a citizenship curriculum that we are happy with. Who knows, one day we may even persuade him to make it statutory in primary schools too.

However, we must not rest on our laurels: we must now turn the words of the curriculum into great education that is active, transformative and fun.

But that's the exciting part; and, as this new curriculum is for teaching from September 2014, schools have a whole year to prepare.

We can't wait to get started. We are eager to help more schools discover the benefits of good citizenship education.

Find out how we can support your school.


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