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9 October, 2013

Lawyers in Schools expands into Europe

UK lawyers make a huge impact on school students' understanding of the law, through our Lawyers in Schools programme. We're now expanding it into Europe, a great opportunity for European lawyers to engage with schools.

Lawyers in Schools - a school session
A lawyer works with school students in London

Lawyers in Schools has been running in the UK for 14 years. In the academic year 2012-2013, every participating teacher told us the programme helped them teach the law. 94 per cent said it had raised student aspirations. 

90 per cent of students say they are now able to tackle a legal problem; 93 per cent say they know where to go for legal help.

And the lawyers themselves? 91 per cent say it helps their organisation meet its objectives for corporate social responsibility. 69 per cent say they better understand issues that affect young people. 67 per cent say they are now more aware of the positive contribution they can make to the community.

Now more than ever, young people need effective citizenship education that prepares them to take part in democratic society. The future of the European Union, and an individual country’s role within it, is uncertain. The youth unemployment rate is hitting double percentage digits across the EU.

European Lawyers in Schools provides an excellent and timely opportunity to explore some of society’s most important questions in depth, with the young people who will shape the future.

It also offers an exciting opportunity to develop – or even begin – your globally integrated corporate responsibility programme.

Help us give young people in Europe a foot in society's door. The expertise of lawyers invaluable in helping them understand the legal framework they are expected to operate in.

Lawyers can help empower the next generation to influence society for the better. And, in so doing, break down the barriers between your profession and your nation's young people.

Contact us if your school, your law firm or your legal team is interested in European Lawyers in Schools.

Percentages are taken from our Lawyers in Schools evaluation report 2013 (pdf).


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