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12 December, 2013

Newsletter: 'Teach about jury service,' Law Commission tells teachers; has no-one told them you're doing that already?

Yet another institution calls for schools to fill a gap that doesn't need filling.

A fortnight ago it was the Prince of Wales, calling for more youth social action. The Department for Education even pledged to support it through the citizenship curriculum; as if putting it in there was not enough, they threw in a pledge.

This week it's the Law Commission, calling for schools to teach about juries. But that, too, is already provided for in Michael Gove's new citizenship curriculum. 

At key stage 3, students will learn ‘the role of law and the legal justice system’. At key stage 4, they will also learn ‘the operation of courts and tribunals’. 

Can't someone tell the Law Commission? 

Meanwhile, the unsung work of citizenship teachers carries on regardless. 

Take the 2,000 school students, 300 lawyers and 90 judges that took part in our Bar National Mock Trial Competition in November. 

In role as barristers, witnesses and jurors, students got real experience in real courtrooms, in front of real judges. Sixteen finalists will meet in Cardiff in March. 

These things happen in schools already. (This newsletter flags up a few of our resources to help you keep up the good work.)

We can't help but wonder why no-one in government will champion its citizenship curriculum. 

But we will keep shouting for citizenship teachers!

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