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9 January, 2014

New social action opportunities for more primary schools, thanks to The Prince of Wales

The Go-Givers Make A Difference Challenge, a social action programme for primary schools, is expanding to South Kent and Birmingham, thanks to support from the Prince's Step Up to Serve campaign.

Go-Givers boy standing with microphone

Make A Difference Challenge gives children an opportunity to take the lead in making a difference to their communities.

The Challenge is a child-led citizenship programme for Key Stage 2. It helps pupils identify, research and address a cause or concern that they want to do something about. The children take action in various ways, sometimes directly, sometimes by fundraising or campaigning to raise awareness.

Thanks to a grant from the Cabinet Office's Youth Social Action Fund, we now have two new members of staff - Connie Vanhorn and Hannah Brearley - to hlep us expand the Challenge to South Kent and Birmingham, under the umbrella of HRH The Prince of Wales' Step Up to Serve campaign.

Approximately 5,070 primary age children in Leeds, Berkshire, Dorset, Norfolk and Durham will take part in The Make a Difference Challenge during the spring and summer terms. With the addition of South Kent and Birmingham, the number will rise to well over 6,000.

This is an exciting time for us. The Cabinet Office has chosen Make A Difference Challenge for part of a Randomised Control Trial, which will assess the impact of youth social action on young people's employability and general skills.

The programme will give younger citizens the opportunity to make a positive difference to their communities by developing a campaign, taking direct action or fundraising for a cause that they care about.

See our Go-Givers website for more about Make A Difference Challenge.


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