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5 February, 2014

Reconnecting UK youth to Europe: competition, survey and prizes

With the 2014 European elections looming and a referendum promised if David Cameron survives the next general election, a consortium of organisations led by Anglia Ruskin University is finding out what young people want from Europe.

Anglia Ruskin EU competition

Whether we like it or not, European politics affects us all. But what do young people think?

Anglia Ruskin University, Euclid Network, UnLtd and the British Youth Council intend to find out.

They want as many young people as possible to tell them what they think and to join their video competition. There are prizes in it, too. 

The research is part of a seven-month project to mobilise young people in the UK and engage them in EU affairs. It hopes to help young people understand how Europe influences their daily lives and to connect them with policy-makers and politicians in Brussels.

'Reconnecting Young People to Europe' survey 

Video competition: 'How do you imagine Europe in 2025?'


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