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10 July, 2014

CitizenSelfie: gathering selfies of inspirational young people

Young people are inspirational. We want as many of them as possible to post a selfie to show the world it's in safe hands because they are taking action.

CitizenSelfie logoThis year marks our 25th birthday. To celebrate, we're making a big set of posters that capture the spirit of all that young people do, publicising your actions and the power of citizenship in schools.

We want school students to upload citizenship-related selfies (helping others, campaigning, taking part in mock trials etc). They probably have them on their phones right now from activities they've done this year.

But we need your help. We need teachers and parents to point them to our CitizenSelfie Facebook Page and:

  1. Upload a selfie
  2. Write a sentence on what helpful activity they were doing when it was taken
  3. Post it to the Facebook Page.

They may even be chosen to join us in London for our 25th Anniversary and Tea in the House of Lords!

Download the CitizenSelfie instructions [pdf] to hand out to your students, or send them straight to: facebook.com/citizenselfie.


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