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8 August, 2014

Schools should 'prepare young people for modern Britain,' says Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan, the new Education Secretary, is putting her weight behind education for 'British Values'. 'One of the most important roles of the education system is that it should prepare young people for life in modern Britain,' she will say later.

We can all squabble about what constitutes a 'British value', but it's great to hear how many teachers have been trying to do just that, with support from organisations like the Citizenship Foundation.

For example, our Go-Givers programme for primary schools, which has 53,000 subscribers, teaches children to campaign democratically. 

Have a look at what that means in this delightful video
Schools don’t have to teach this. In fact, Michael Gove removed the guidance for citizenship from the primary curriculum. We think it’s time to put it back.

So, we're encouraged by Nicky Morgan's determination to address values of British citizenship in schools. With her support, we can re-invigorate a vital part of our young people's education.


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