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27 August, 2014

New list of resources for citizenship teachers

With the new programme of study for citizenship coming into effect, there's no better time for a digest of teaching resources for this National Curriculum subject.

The Expert Group for Citizenship recently published a digest of resources [pdf] that its members reccommend for teachers of the revised National Curriculum for citizenship.

The digest is organised into topics, skills and education phase. Topics include:

  • democracy and government
  • rights and responsibilities
  • fairness, justice and law
  • economy and finance
  • european, international, global
  • identities and diversity
  • critical thinking, research
  • active citizenship
  • debate.

Subject Expert Groups are supported by the Department for Education. They were established in 2013 to provide strategic advice during the implementation of the revised National Curriculum and.

The Expert Group for Citizenship was set up in January 2014 and comprises teachers and teacher trainers, as well as representatives from Ofsted, the Parliamentary Education Service, the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT), Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg) and the Citizenship Foundation.

Dowload the resources digest [pdf]


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