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3 February, 2015

The post-election future is in our hands; are your students ready to vote?

It is now an individual's responsibility to register to vote. Use National Voter Registration Day on Thursday to make sure young people don't lose their voice.

A primary school girl holds a megaphone. 

General election fever is already gripping the UK. The result is anyone's guess; who knows what our political landscape will look like after 7 May?

Voting is an important part of our democracy. Understanding how it works and being ready for it is an important part of citizenship education.

Although under-18s cannot vote in most UK elections, they can register to vote from the age of 16. But it is now their own responsibility to register and not their head-of-household's.

Thursday (5 February) is National Voter Registration Day: a great opportunity to help young people make sure they are able to vote if and when they want to.

Bite the Ballot, the organisation behind National Voter Registration Day (or #NVRD, if you're a social media aficionado), has provided a bunch of resources to help you.

National Voter Registration Day is 5 February 2015.


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