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14 February, 2015

Labour will 'redesign' the citizenship curriculum and lower the voting age to 16, says Ed Miliband

A Labour government will 'redesign' the citizenship curriculum to prepare young people for their place in society, and lower the voting age to 16 by May 2016, Ed Miliband said on Thursday.

Ed Miliband: image by The CBI
Labour leader Ed Miliband: image by The CBI

The Labour leader told an audience at Haverstock School that 'teaching character, citizenship and resilience must be part of modern education, both because they are part of academic success and because school today must be about more than passing exams'.

'Working with teachers, we will re-design the curriculum for citizenship education to prepare our young people for that responsibility,' he promised.

'It is the right thing to do to prepare our children for adulthood and its challenges.'

'We should be preparing our young people to be citizens of our country,' he said, 'to take advantage of the opportunities of the modern world and to cope with its challenges.'

'The best schools give their young people a sense of can-do aspiration and an ability to cope with the challenges life will bring.

'And that is how the school experience should be for all.'

Mr Miliband also promised to lower the voting age to 16 by May next year. 'It is about giving a proper voice to our young people in our schools and in our society,' he said. 

Read Ed Miliband's speech in full.


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