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16 April, 2015

Voter registration deadline is Monday - tell your students before it's too late

Voting is an important part of our democracy. If you're not on the electoral register, your voice is not heard. Are your students ready to vote? They've got until Monday.

The general election is nearly upon us. Three weeks from today, who knows what our political landscape will look like? Who knows what our young people will inherit? 

Whether they love or loathe our current democratic system, they don't get a voice in choosing their politicians if they don't cast a vote.

'If you don't register and you don't vote, you're invisible,' say the organisers of National Voter Registration Day, which happens annually on 5 February. 'Would you write policies for someone you've never met?,' they add.

So, teachers, if your students are of voting age, they have until Monday (20 April) to register if they want to vote in next month's general election.  

Registering to vote is quick and easy. Tell your students before it's too late!

Register online - it only takes five minutes.


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