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5 June, 2015

New, free teaching unit for exploring values in class

New for 2015, this teaching unit from citizenship education pioneer Don Rowe introduces teachers to a method of working that develops students' skills of thinking and talking about moral issues.

Cartoon of a child stealing from a shop. 

Talking about values in the classroom uses illustrated stories from Don's seminal You, Me, Us! citizenship resource to build a detailed guide to using such stories as discussion stimuli.

Schools are expected to promote British values and character but often without much guidance on what that means. Teachers should find this pack a very welcome addition to their toolkit.

With his usual rigour, Don explains each stage of the process and then takes us through an example lesson using one of the stories.

In addition, Talking about values in the classroom contains two extra stories with notes on using them in the classroom and a video transcript (with a link to the online video) that follows and examines teachers using such material in a real classroom.

British values

All schools must promote British values in school through both SMSC and the curriculum. 

Our dedicated website, doingSMSC.org.uk, explains SMSC and British values in more detail.


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