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22 February, 2016

Use Your Vote, an 'unashamedly populist' new campaign, launches at Westminster next week

Voter turnout in the UK is low and declining. So, with just four months until the EU referendum, the new Use Your Vote campaign hopes to start an avalanche of public interest in politics.

Houses of Parliament (by Nick Page: https://flic.kr/p/i6tSP8)
Image: Houses of Parliament by Nick Page [flickr]

Use Your Vote is a new national campaign to encourage people both to make their voice heard at the ballot box and to consider more readily any opportunities to participate in public life.

Use Your Vote launches at the Houses of Paliament next Tuesday, 1 March, just in time for the run-up to the EU referendum on 23 June.

The campaign's creator, Dr Tony Breslin, wants the brand to become ubiquitous, so that it permeates our culture and seeds an interest in finding out more.

‘There’s an awful lot of good stuff in this field,’ he says; but finding it 'often requires a level of political literacy in the first place.'

For example, he says, 'The Electoral Commission produce some excellent resources, but how would you know about their existence if you weren’t already a little bit interested in politics in the first place?

'With “Use Your Vote” we’re making a much more direct and unashamedly populist appeal’.

Tony wants wants Use Your Vote – the phrase and the logo – to become so common that it lodges in people’s heads. He wants it in email signatures, on websites, on posters and in the vernacular.

If people google it or click a link, they will land on useyourvote.com. There, he says, visitors will find links to all those places they might not have thought to visit, simple explanations of key processes, and lots of other resources, all put into context. 

‘Every voter, of every persuasion, needs this simple, low-barrier access-point to democracy,’ says Tony. ‘This really matters if people are to be confident in having their say, demanding of their politicians and effective in their democratic participation.’

Read more in our interview with Tony Breslin. 

The Citizenship Foundation supports Use Your Vote, which launches at the House of Commons on Tuesday 1 March. If you’d like to attend, you can register for free on Eventbrite.


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