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International work

Since 1989, we have been involved extensively in a number of international projects dealing with citizenship issues in European, Middle Eastern and African contexts.

The Citizenship Foundation's international work includes:

  • policy advice and consultancy;
  • professional development for teachers, educators and advisers;
  • resource and curriculum development;
  • research and report writing;
  • work with young people in youth and community settings;
  • attendance to and participation in international conferences.

In September 2008, the Citizenship Foundation merged with the Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC). CEWC made considerable contributions to citizenship education since it was founded in 1939.


Active Citizens

We advise the British Council on this student-led community action programme in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

High level policy work

We advise the Turkish Government on introducing citizenship into their school curriculum. 

We also advise the Council of Europe on dealing with controversial subjects in school curriculums across Europe.

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