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Giving Nation: inspiring generosity since 2002, and we don't want to stop now!

Our Giving Nation programme has helped well over a quarter of a million young people give their time, energy and voice to improve other people's lives. But funding is drying up and the programme is in danger: we need your help to keep it going.

Students from Edenham School show off their fundraising cheques.

'It creates a real 'buzz' around the school. Pupils responded enthusiastically to being given ownership of projects.' Sue March, Deputy Head, Epinay Business and Enterprise School

Giving Nation provides training, resources and seed-funding to secondary schools and alternative education settings, to start projects that are led by their students.

For every £1 we entrust to a young person, they raise £5 for charity and give five hours time outside school.

The young people rise to the challenge to take action on issues they care about, as social entrepreneurs, fundraisers, campaigners and volunteers.

They develop skills for social action and learn about civil society.

In fact, for many Giving Nation is a life-changing experience.

They learn about charity's role in society and strengthen their connection to chosen causes.

Meanwhile, charities benefit and schools meet social action goals.

'Giving Nation gives students the knowledge that they can make positive changes for their own futures.' Natasha Bell, Vocational Education Coordinator, Agincourt House PRU

We have reached over 300,000 young people since 2007

  • Over 315,000 students involved in Giving Nation
  • 1,600,000 hours of extra-curricular volunteering
  • £1,710,000 raised for good causes
  • £259 generated for social causes from every £50 of start-up funding
  • Nearly 4,000 charities and other organisations benefited.

The work of organisations like the Citizenship Foundation is so important, connecting young people with the opportunity to make a difference and showing them how rewarding it is. Nick Hurd MP, former Minister for Civil Society

Can you help?

For 12 years, Government funding made our Giving Nation programme a strong secondary school scheme that got out more than it put in. We gave pupils skills for civic society and helped them progress to schemes such as the UK Government's National Citizen Service.

But, in the face of hard choices, the Government has decided not to re-invest in Giving Nation. And, given the current climate, other funding streams are drying up too.

Can you help us keep Giving Nation going? Or do you know someone that can?
Please email us or call us on 020 7566 4141.

Lewis' story: Mobilising classmates to fight cancer

Lewis has lost both parents, his mother in a car accident and, recently, his father through cancer. When Lewis directed his anger at fighting cancer, his classmates rallied round him. Together, they used £50 of seed-funding from Giving Nation to raise more than £1,000 for Cancer Research UK.

'It was important to do something like this for my dad and it's given me something to concentrate on,' says Lewis.

Schools meet objectives

'It gives pupils a context for learning. They realise they can make a difference and do not have to wait around for others.' Paul Sowerby,
Catcote Academy

Teachers and school managers love Giving Nation because it helps them meet social objectives, from ASDAN to SMSC.

Teachers tell us the programme benefits all sorts of aspects of school life, including Every Child Matters, better links with the wider community, personalised learning and thinking skills.

Giving Nation's profile is high in most participating schools, and more than three quarters of teachers find it easy to persuade colleagues to get involved.

Intrigued? Read some of the schools' stories.

Local council partnership strengthens community links

Alston Moor town council in Cumbria knows how important schools are for developing socially conscious young people. Through Giving Nation, it helps schools develop social enterprises. Local social entrepreneurs support schools and mentor their students.

'It fosters better relationships with local businesses. It creates a greater affinity and support network for the school and local community,' says Krysia Pantechis, Director of KPI Solutions and a school mentor.

Communities benefit

'Students see the link between business and the theory they learn.' Roisin McKeever,
The Chase School

Over £1.7m has been raised through Giving Nation since 2007.

Nearly 4,000 charities and other good causes have benefited, 1,200 in 2013-2014 alone.

Students gave more than 1.6 million hours of their own time for community volunteering.

Schoolgirls engaged with a Lawyers in Schools session.

School curriculum legacy to local community

Students at Anthony Gell School in the Peak District use Giving Nation to raise money for sports equipment for poorer schools.

The school has a strong ethos of charitable giving and social action. Giving Nation stood out to them as a flexible programme that embedded well into the curriculum and into programmes such as ASDAN. As a result, students have started volunteering in their own right, independent of school.

Giving Nation has given the students a stake in their community's future. 'It leaves a legacy,' said one.

'I really enjoyed Giving Nation.
I learned a lot, the kind of stuff you don't learn in an average class.' Emily, year 8, Lincolnshire

Impact report

You can find more about Giving Nation's achievements in the latest Impact Report.

Impact Report 2014 Giving Nation logo

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