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Annual Review 2002/03

Summary Financial Statements
year ended 30 September 2003

Trustees' Statement

The summarised financial statements have been extracted from the full financial statements of the Citizenship Foundation for the year ended 30 September 2003 which were approved by the Trustees at their meeting on 12 February 2004 and were submitted to the Charity Commission and to the Registrar of Companies thereafter. The audit opinion on the financial statements was unqualified. A statement from the charity's auditors is given below. The summarised financial statements may not contain sufficient information for a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity. For further information the full annual financial statements, the auditors' report and the report of the Trustees should be consulted. Copies of the full report are available from the Citizenship Foundation on request.

Auditors' Statement

We have reviewed the summarised financial statement's information. In our opinion, the summarised information is consistent with the full financial statements.

Statement of Financial Activities

Incoming resources2003 (£)2002 (£)
Grants, donations & commissions764,157753,843
Publications & royalties27,78121,748
Conferences & training42,55948,006
Total incoming resources861,426847,563
Resources expended2003 (£)2002 (£)
Cost of generating funds:  
Fundraising & publicity47,75232,353
Net incoming resources available for charitable application813,674815,210
Direct charitable expenditure673,551619,056
Management & administration107,246136,412
Net incoming / (outgoing) resources32,87759.742
[of which Net Restricted Incoming Resources22,10356,443]
[of which Net Unrestricted Incoming Resources10,7743,289]
Fund balances brought forward at 1 Oct 2002263,674203,932
Fund balances carried forward at 30 Sept 2003296,551263,674

Balance sheet

 2003 (£)2002 (£)
Tangible fixed assets12,92215,699
Current assets423,992286,454
Creditors falling due within one year(140,363)(38,479)
Net assets296,551236,674
Restricted funds179,38995,059
Unrestricted funds117,162168,615
Total funds296,551263,674

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