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Were you looking for information about citizenship cards?

The Citizenship Foundation is a charity that focuses on education for citizenship. We work with young people, children and the adults who support them, to empower them to engage more fully in society.

People sometimes ask us questions about citizenship cards. We do not work on applications for citizenship, permission to stay, or asylum; or on identity cards.

However, if you came to our website looking for information in those areas, we hope that the following links to other organisations will be useful.

Otherwise, if you are interested in the educational programmes and resources of the Citizenship Foundation, please return to the homepage.

ARC (Application Registration Card)

The ARC is an official document given to asylum seekers after they apply for asylum. It containins their name, photograph, date of birth and nationality.
ARC website >>


CitizenCard is a photo ID card produced by CitizenCard Ltd. It is not an official document, and does not have to be accepted as a form of identification.
CitizenCard website >>

ID Card

There is no official identity card scheme in the UK yet, but the government is in the process of developing one.
ID cards website >>

Proof of age card (Portman Group)

This is a photo ID card produced by The Portman Group. It is used mainly to prove a person's age when buying alcohol. It is not an official document, and does not have to be accepted as a proof of age.
Portman Group Proof of Age card website >>

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