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Diversity and Dialogue

Diversity and Dialogue aimed to build better understanding between young people from different faiths and backgrounds.

Diversity and Dialogue is no longer running. However, you may still find the website and its resources useful if you are planning youth interfaith and intercultural work, or have an interest in good practice in this area. We are still seeking funding to develop new Diversity and Dialogue projects.


Diversity and Dialogue was conceived at a meeting of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular NGOs in July 2002. Representatives were discussing ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the negative repercussions on interfaith relations in the UK. They thought about their potential to help counter these tensions and their conclusion was a commitment to run an interfaith education project in partnership. Diversity and Dialogue began work in 2004 and aims to build understanding and friendship between young people from different faiths and backgrounds in the UK. It develops new models of intercultural dialogue and co-operation. Initially housed by Save the Children, Diversity and Dialogue moved to its new home at the Citizenship Foundation in December 2006.

From 2004-2007, Diversity and Dialogue worked directly with 300 young people throughout the UK, particularly in London, Yorkshire, the North West and Birmingham. The programme also produced educational resources on how to set up and run community cohesion events and materials to assist teachers and youth workers. Further, Diversity and Dialogue created one of the richest web-based directories of inter-cultural and inter-faith work in the UK through its online directory.  The project provided support, advice, and networking opportunities for over 100 community cohesion organisations and programmes.

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