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Bertelsmann Prize 

The Citizenship Foundation is the winner of the Carl Bertelsmann Prize 2007.

We are delighted to become the first UK charity to win the international Carl Bertelsmann Prize. The Citizenship Foundation haas been awarded 100,000 Euros (£67,000) for our work to 'anchor civic engagement within the educational experience'.

'Participating in the Bertelsmann process has enabled us not just to showcase a range of our work," said.Citizenship Foundation CEO Tony Breslin, "but has provided a real opportunity for us to reflect on our own practice as we strive to meet more effectively the needs of all those we work with: policy influencers, school leaders, teachers, youth and community workers and of course young people'.

Giving Nation.

Giving Nation

Giving Nation (G-Nation) celebrates the power of young people, encouraging them to reshape their world through giving to others. Phoenix High School in West London, for example, used our Giving Nation Challenge programme to set up ‘Dolly Movementz’, a series of ‘open mic’ music events to provide training and entertainment for local youth.

“The … program is an excellent model for other countries to follow,” says Dr. Brigitte Mohn, member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Executive Board. “It covers a broad spectrum of activities, which, methodologically and strategically, are robustly designed. They promote a mindset of getting involved, which, ideally, will continue to influence students’ choices in their adult lives.”

Go-Givers home page.


Go-Givers is designed to tie into both the citizenship curriculum and the wider primary curriculum. It aims specifically to promote ideas of charity and empathy amongst 4-11 year olds through active participation.

Youth Act participants.

Youth Act

By providing training and support, Youth Act helps groups of young people to achieve political or social change in their school, youth club or community. It has helped young people tackle specific anxieties, such as gun and knife crime, bullying and racial tensions. For example in Kilburn, North London, the OK Club is working to improve understanding and relations between young people and the police.

Participants in the Bar National Mock Trial Competition.

Active learning competitions

Our active learning competitions provide young people with an imaginative and exciting way to engage with the citizenship curriculum. Through active learning formats, young people experience the processes that take place in the courts, Parliameent and the news media every day but which often seem mysterious and out of reach. This helps generate a better understanding of the role these instutions play – and of our rights and responsibilities, which are so deeply affected by their actions.

The National Youth Parliament Competition aims to bring Parliament, government and politics to lifee. It involves young people setting up and videoing their own parliamentary debates.

The National Political Journalism Competition encourages young people to investigate a current political issue by researching and producing a news story in print, TV or radio.

The Bar National Mock Trial Competition and Magistrates' Court Mock Trial Competition put young people into the courtroom (Crown Courts and Magistrates' Courts respectively). Taking on the roles of lawyers, witnesses, court staff or jurors, teams of young people battle out a mock trial in front of real judges and magistrates.

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