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Lawyers in Schools

Lawyers in Schools is the legal profession's largest skills-based volunteering scheme in Western Europe. It places legal professionals in the classroom to work with young people on their awareness and understanding of the law.

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A Lawyers in Schools session in action
A Lawyers in Schools session in action

More than 40 law firms, in-house legal teams and chambers take part in Lawyers in Schools . They work with over 1,000 students across England.

See a list of these and other partners that we work with.

We offer a full brokerage service to partner firms and in-house counsel from partnering you with local schools, training your staff and providing educational resources aligned to the curriculum.

In teams, the volunteers lead small groups in six, one hour-long, interactive sessions on various aspects of the law.

The resources are designed to foster debate and discussion, as well as to encourage critical thinking from the young people.

The sessions cover a range of legal topics including Intellectual Property, Family Law and Consumer Law.

We support the volunteers throughout the programme. We monitor and evaluate throughout the year and give you a personal partnership report of activity between your firm and school.

We have a long list of schools eager to be partnered with a team of lawyers. If your firm would like to be involved with one of them, simply register your interest and we will match you with a local school.


Lawyers in schools is extending its reach and impact outside of England. As part of that, we want to offer this unique programme to schools and lawyers in Scotland.

If your school, law firm or legal team is interested in getting involved, please leave your details below.

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