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Shaping schools

We unlock power.

Young people are society's future. A teacher's legacy is nothing less than her students' contribution to the world.

Schoolgirls engaged with a Lawyers in Schools session.

We help teachers to help young people make informed decisions, take responsible action in their lives and communities, and shape the world around them.

This is citizenship education. It covers all aspects of civic life, from law and the legal system to economics and political decision-making. Students learn about the systems that govern them. They grapple complex controversial issues and human rights dilemmas.

Our programmes support the school curriculum, and contribute to a positive and energising school environment. The students mature as members of the school community and develop life skills that few curriculum subjects offer.

Over 80 per cent of UK secondary schools have accessed the Citizenship Foundation's curriculum materials.

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Our legal education programmes help students explore where laws come from, why they're used and how they affect people.

More than 7,000 secondary school students take part in our mock trial competitions every year. Hundreds of lawyers - barristers, solicitors, magistrates and judges - volunteer to help.


Our economic awareness programmes show students how the economy ties directly to everyday decisions that affect them personally.

Social action

Our social action programmes encourage campaigning, charitable giving and social entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools.

Since 2007, our social action programmes have mobilised nearly 12,000 primary school children and reached more than 200,000 students in secondary education.

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