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Inspiring action

We harness power.

Young people are society’s energy. Find their spark and they’ll light up our world.

A primary school girl holds a megaphone.

The world needs people who understand it and want to shape it for everyone’s benefit. Our programmes give young people the motivation to do that.

We open up opportunities for young people to take the lead and make positive and effective contributions to the world they live in. We give them a head-start for social action after school.

Primary schools

In primary schools, our Go-Givers programme challenges children to find an issue that interests them and to campaign for it.

Since 2008, Go-Givers has turned more than 11,500 primary school children into community activists.

Secondary schools

In secondary education, our Giving Nation programme has helped over a quarter of a million young people to give their time, energy and voice to improve other people’s lives. It challenges them to take action on issues they care about, as social entrepreneurs, fundraisers, campaigners and volunteers.

Since 2007, Giving Nation social action projects have raised almost £1.5 million, for nearly 3,500 social causes.

For every £1 that Giving Nation entrusted to a young person in 2013, they raised £5 for charity and gave five hours of their free time.

Youth groups

Our InterACT methodology develops community cohesion through social action. Young asylum-seekers and refugees work together with local young people to tackle issues that affect their communities.

We ran InterACT projects in ten UK cities over three years, and we would love to run more. If you can help us fund them, please get in touch.

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