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Influencing policy 

We nurture power. 

Society needs effective young people, and they need support to develop. We encourage policy-makers, school leaders and community leaders to ensure such support is available to them.

George Osborne talks to young people at launch of Youth Budget 2013
School students giving George Osborne their views on the Budget at the Treasury in 2013.

Politicians and policy-makers

Politicians and policy-makers can ensure the education system gives the best possible induction into civic life.

We argued successfully, through Democratic Life, to keep citizenship education on the national curriculum, and in a form that properly underpins rigorous learning.

School leaders 

School leaders set the tone of their school. They can create a culture in which students play an active part in the school community.

Our citizenship manifesto is a template for schools to proclaim the rights and responsibilities of its students.

In September 2003, new regulations allowed school governing bodies to appoint pupils as 'associate members' of governing body committees. I was a Teenage Governor, co-authored with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), explored this new potential for greater student democracy.

Business and community leaders  

Business leaders, professionals and community leaders have a lot of civic wisdom to offer young people, and benefit themselves from good citizenship teaching.

Through our Lawyers in Schools programme, we help law firms shape their CSR policies and encourage them to change the way they see young people. We train their lawyers to work directly with school students in the classroom. They help the young people understand how the law affects and protects them, and dispel a few preconceptions of their own.

Through InterACT, we helped youth agencies uncover gaps in service provision and discover opportunities for effective collaboration between organisations.

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