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Our work

We help schools unlock the power in young people, we motivate young people to use that power and we help make space for them to develop into effective citizens.

Schoolgirls enjoying a citizenship lesson.

Shaping schools

We unlock power.

Young people are society's future. A teacher's legacy is nothing less than her students' contribution to the world.

We help teachers to help young people make informed decisions, take responsible action in their lives and communities, and shape the world around them.

This is citizenship education

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Inspiring action

We harness power.

The world needs people who understand it and want to shape it for everyone's benefit. Our programmes give young people the motivation to do that.

We open up opportunities for young people to take the lead and make positive and effective contributions to the world they live in. We give them a head-start for social action after school.

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Influencing policy

We nurture power.

Society needs effective young people, and they need support to develop. We encourage school leaders, policy-makers and community leaders to ensure such support is available to them.

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