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Democratic Life coalition

Democratic Life is a coalition of individuals and organisations that campaigns for high quality citizenship education. It was set up in 2010, when the UK government indicated it would drop citizenship from the national curriculum.

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Since 2010, Democratic Life has campaigned for citizenship to stay on the national curriculum. The Citizenship Foundation played a central role.

In 2013, our efforts paid off: citizenship education was given a new green light.

Michael Gove MP, UK Secretary of State for Education, published a new national curriculum for key stages 3 and 4 that not only included citizenship but also a number of specific changes that we called for:

  • explicit reference to human rights and the United Nations
  • more prominent references to democracy, public institutions and the role of voluntary groups in society
  • stronger references to active citizenship, rather than simply 'volunteering'
  • financial education widened to include how public money is raised and spent
  • clearer progression between key stages.

It wasn't easy: we were still arguing for important changes right up to the last minute. We are very grateful to the many people that joined us in giving evidence to the various consultations, and to the many people that continue to support Democratic Life.


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