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Empowering Young People for a Strong Society - our strategic plan

The Citizenship Foundation has published our long term Strategic Plan, to help children and young people become active, engaged, motivated members of democratic society.
At a time when society feels increasingly polarised, and people's faith in democracy has been shaken, this is not 'business as usual' for us. The Plan sets out ambitious goals to reach more young people than ever. We believe every young person has a right to the knowledge, skills and confidence to play their part as full citizens of this country.
There are four strategic goals for the next ten years:
  • Providing interactive, topical and relevant citizenship learning opportunities - used by more than half of UK schools each year, by 2027
  • Providing authentic experiences of being an active citizen - for more than 200,000 young people each year, by 2027
  • Working with intermmediaries - upskilling teachers and involving professionals - over 10,000 each year, by 2027
  • Campaigning for the importance of young people having opportunities to learn what it takes to be an active citizen - with a national consensus, by 2027. 
Tom Franklin, Chief Executive, commented:

The Citizenship Foundation has been helping young people become active citizens for more than a quarter of a century. But our work is more urgent today than ever before. We help young people understand issues like fake news, elections, the rule of law, and campaigning - so they can take their full place in society.

We are really excited about our strategy. And we're very grateful for the support of funders, businesses, volunteers and supporters. 

  Download our Strategic Plan (pdf)

  Download our Strategic Plan - handout (pdf)


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