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Better citizenship education

We're delighted that studying citizenship in schools has been compulsory since 2002.

Our focus is on providing the right education to help young people make their own decisions and take responsibility for their lives and communities.

As we define citizenship as being about taking an active part in society, we run projects in schools to help young people explore the issues surrounding how we live together in our communities. We also expand the discussion from local issues to national and global ones.

Programmes include economic awareness (eg how to manage money and how money should be spent in the community), volunteering, climate awareness and citizenship issues in other countries.

Young people gain knowledge and skills through these programmes to help them understand and engage with the structure of our democratic society: politics, the economy and the law.

In the next few years we'd like to expand our reach and offering to further benefit young people. In particular we feel it's imperative that citizenship become a statutory part of the primary curriculum and that it retains its place in the secondary curriculum.

We are aiming to develop our range of programmes so we can further prove the value of citizenship education. We will publish research to quantify this.

Citizenship education has many crossover areas with other subjects and we would like to participate in related initiatives. Partnerships with relevant media, policy influencers and government departments would greatly improve awareness to achieve this goal.

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