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Public legal education

We are the UK's leader in the field of public legal information (PLE) for young people. PLE gives people the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle problems they meet in everyday life.

School students engage with lawyers in the classroom

School students engage with a lawyer in their classroom

The Citizenship Foundation began as the Law in Education Project back in 1984, so we have a long history of designing and developing legal education projects.

We now engage with more than 10,000 young people across the UK in our legal education work.

We help young people understand the law. We help them to know their rights, understand their responsibilities and navigate confidently through the legal system, knowing when and where to ask for help and further advice.

Lawyers in Schools

Through Lawyers in Schools we put legal professionals into school classrooms.

They work with young people to develop awareness and understanding of the law.

Mock trial competitions

Our mock trial competitions take a different approach. Young people learn about the legal system by presenting cases in real court rooms and in front of real judges.

Young Citizen's Passport

The Young Citizen's Passport is a guide to the law. It explains, as simply as possible, those parts of the law that have most relevance to the everyday life of young people in England and Wales.

It was first published in 1995; in 2013, its sixteenth edition was published.

Public Legal Education: Improving lives, empowering communities

Law for Life has produced this introduction to PLE (if you don't see it on this page you can download the pdf):

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