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<h3> InterAct partners </h3> <p> Between 2010 and 2012, a number of partner organisations used <a href="../main/page.php?418">InterAct</a> to connect communities through social action.</p> <h4 id="2012"> 2012 </h4> <h5 id="sheffield"> Sheffield </h5> <h6 id="yca"> <strong>Yemeni Community Association (YCA) and the Children's Society's Embrace Project</strong> </h6> <p> YCA was set up in 1986 to advance education and relieve poverty in Sheffield's disadvantaged communities. It focuses on 'social' services such as welfare advice and education (such as study support and specialist ESOL provision). Community participation and community cohesion are high priorities. </p> <p> YCA will work with The Children's Society's Embrace Project. Embrace was set up to improve child-centred services for young refugees and new migrants in South Yorkshire. </p><a href="../main/page.php?451#sheffield">See what the Sheffield project did</a><h5 id="slough"> Slough </h5> <h6 id="aik-saith"> <strong>Aik Saath and Berkshire Education and Sports Centre (BESC)</strong> </h6> <p> Aik Saath was established in response in to gang violence between young people from Asian backgrounds in Slough in the 1990s. The founders believed that young people needed to lead the efforts to resolve the conflict. </p> <p> Aik Saath will work with BESC, a voluntary organisation set up by members of the Somali community. BESC provides support and opportunities for asylum-seekers and refugees in Slough and its environs. </p><a href="../main/page.php?451#slough">See what the Slough project did</a><h5 id="tameside"> Tameside </h5> <h6 id="tameside-yft"> <strong>Tameside Youth and Family Team and Refugee Action's Gateway project</strong> </h6> <p> Tameside Youth and Family Team runs four youth forums, which are spread across the borough. Young people also represent others in their communities and work on a number of issues. Recently they lobbied MPs as part of the Choose Youth campaign, to defend young people's services against the cuts. </p> <p> Tameside Youth and Family Team will work with Refugee Action. Refugee Action's Gateway project helps with resettlement and integration. It gives a year's support to refugees who have been resettled from camps into Greater Manchester by the UN Gateway Protection Programme. </p> <a href="../main/page.php?451#tameside">See what the Tameside project did</a><h5 id="salford"> Salford </h5> <h6 id="princes-fairbridge"> <strong>The Princes Trust's Fairbridge Programme and Union Street Media Arts</strong> </h6> <p> The Fairbridge Programme helps those young people that other organisations find too difficult. It gives 13-25 year-olds the motivation, self-confidence and skills to change their lives. The programme addresses the attitudes and behaviours that hold young people back. It does this through a combination of challenging activities and one-to-one support. </p> <p> The Princes Trust will work with Union Street Media Arts, a social enterprise based in Old Trafford. Union Street combines commercial media and creative work with community development. It has two overlapping strands of youth work: representation and participation and creative production. </p><a href="../main/page.php?451#salford">See what the Salford project did</a><h5 id="liverpool"> Liverpool </h5> <ul> <li> Fairbridge Merseyside </li> <li> Refugee Action's Get Connected Project </li> </ul><a href="../main/page.php?451#liverpool">See what the Liverpool project did</a><h4 id="2011"> 2011 </h4> <h5> Bradford </h5> <ul> <li> Bradford Youth Service </li> <li> Bradford College </li> </ul> <h5> Leeds </h5> <ul> <li> The Refugee Council </li> <li> St Lukes CARES </li> </ul> <h5> Barnsley </h5> <ul> <li> Barnsley Black and Ethnic Minority Initiative </li> </ul> <h5> Liverpool </h5> <ul> <li> Fairbridge Merseyside </li> <li> Refugee Action's Get Connected Project </li> </ul><h4>2010</h4><h5>Swansea </h5><ul><li>Displaced People in Action</li><li>Swansea Young Homeless Project </li></ul><a href="../main/page.php?451#swansea">See what the Swansea project did</a><p> </p>

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