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Make It Our Neighbourhood

Make It Our Neighbourhood puts young people at the heart of local regeneration.

Make It Our Neighbourhood - young people get to grips with neighbourhood planning

Our pilot project (October 2013) engaged 25 south London secondary school students in the regeneration of Elephant & Castle.

The students spent a day with volunteers from international property and infrastructure group, Lend Lease. They discussed ideas, explored the meaning of community and regeneration and suggested ideas for a public park.

The young people learned about the nature of regeneration, the importance of community involvement and the variety of community needs. Lend Lease secured valuable insights to help their regeneration plans for Elephant & Castle.

Make it our Neighbourhood is a partnership between charities The Glass-House Community Led Design and the Citizenship Foundation. Staff from the charities wrote the resources, and facilitated the workshop along with volunteers from Lend Lease.

This was much more than a focus group: it was a carefully-crafted collaboration that encouraged deep understanding of the issues by all parties. The day-long workshop was built around tailor-made resources, written to get the most out of everyone's expertise and experience.

We would love to extend Make it our Neighbourhood across the UK. If you'd like to talk to us about that, please contact Paul Bower.

If you'd like to know how Make It Our Neighbourhood worked at Elephant & Castle, please contact Jessica Kimche.

(Photo by The Glass-House Community Led Design.)

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