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SmartLaw is a free app for iPhone and Android that entertains and informs young people about the law, joining the dots between popular culture and everyday legal situations.


SmartLaw quizzes young people on TV plot lines, sport and current events, giving them an entertaining way to explore the law and its relevance to their own lives.

'SmartLaw is a unique way of helping young people to understand that the law and our legal system touches every aspect of their lives.''Judge' Robert Rinder, ITV celebrity and practising barrister

Quiz topics include bullying on East Enders, Ed Sheeran's two years as technically homeless and Luis Suarez's infamous shoulder-biting incident.

The app is fun but also legally rigorous: it is written by our dedicated team of law students, lawyers and barristers.

SmartLaw helps young people to separate fact from fiction and understand their legal rights and their responsibilities: and it's free!

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