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Generation Democracy Programme in Turkey

Generation Democracy is the biggest programme of citizenship and human rights education anywhere in Europe. It aims to strengthen Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (DCHRE) across Turkey.

The programme began in 2010 and the first phase ends in 2015. 

Generation Democracy won the Council of Europe’s 2015 Democracy Innovation Award for efforts to get citizens more involved in public life and the democratic process. 

At the time of writing (April 2015), the Citizenship Foundation's contribution has included creating, piloting and training teachers for a new elective course on DCHRE for 14-15 year olds. This will be available to all schools in Turkey from September 2015.

We have also written a Democratic School Culture Handbook, trained officials at the Ministry of National Education and Board of Education, trained trainers so they can train others and devised the evaluation and monitoring strategy.

In the next phase we will help to create and pilot a new primary school course and train teachers for it.

Generation Democracy programme is sponsored by the EU and Council of Europe (CoE). David Kerr (the Citizenship Foundation's consultant Director of Education) is a strategic adviser. 


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