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Our specialist support and training helps schools deliver the best citizenship education they can.

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How we can help

Our school support helps you:

  • Prepare for the new National Curriculum from 2013
  • Design policy and approaches from any starting-point
  • Meet National Curriculum citizenship requirements, such as the new financial literacy element
  • Address controversial issues with confidence
  • Champion student participation, leadership and teamwork
  • Blend curriculum and whole-school learning approaches
  • Tackle assessment and monitoring.

We also offer specialist training to primary schools on topics such as British values, SMSC and character education.

Schools are under increasing pressure to raise academic standards and simultaneously nurture fully-rounded young people, but citizenship education can help:

  • Raise school standards and student achievement
  • Meet statutory obligations for the National Curriculum, SMSC and Ofsted
  • Improve behaviour and reduce exclusions
  • Connect students with society's controversial issues
  • Develop key skills that employers and universities want, such as leadership, teamwork and participation.

In February 2013, Education Secretary Michael Gove announced that citizenship would stay as a National Curriculum subject in secondary schools, putting to rest any uncertainty about its future.

But he went further than that: he said he wanted 'this valuable subject' to be 'even better taught in more of our schools'.

MPs David Blunkett and Michael Gove confirm citizenship is to stay in the National Curriculum. House of Commons, 7 February 2013.
On 7 February 2013, Education Secretary Michael Gove told Parliament that citizenship would stay in the school curriculum.

So, what must schools do now?

  • Find and deliver good quality training and support
  • Ensure they have a strong, qualified citizenship co-ordinator in place
  • Adjust policy in line with National Curriculum requirements
  • Address the new statutory financial literacy element
  • Ensure staff are properly trained and resourced
  • Connect their curriculum and whole-school approaches
  • Strengthen student participation and leadership in school
  • Deliver on SMSC provision across the school
  • Strengthen links with community partners.
MPs David Blunkett and Michael Gove confirm citizenship is to stay in the National Curriculum. House of Commons, 7 February 2013.

Want to promote citizenship in your school?

Download Re-engaging with citizenship [pdf], our leaflet explaining the value of taking citizenship education seriously.

Or Email us if you'd like printed copies.

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