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Annual Review
Year ending 30 September 2002

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Stoke-on-Trent conference
'First Friday' seminars
UK programme

Through training, we spread good practice in citizenship education and support its development nationally and internationally.

Stoke-on-Trent Conference

One of the Stoke citizenship forum’s proud achievements was the citizenship education conference it organised at the city’s Britannia Stadium in October 2001, which attracted over 200 attendees. With young people involved as both delegates and co-facilitators, the programme included workshops on Citizenship & the Law and Football in the Community, a play about bullying, and presentations on their experience of citizenship by students from Blurton High School and Aynsley Special School.

'First Friday' seminars

In February 2002 we launched this series of seminars. Held on the first Friday of every month in the academic year, the programme has included seminars on school democracy and active citizenship as well as a teachers conference and an introduction to the new curriculum for business and media.

UK programme

In the build-up to the launch of the Citizenship curriculum, there was growing demand for training from our experienced education team both in terms of Citizenship Foundation events and bespoke sessions provided to schools, LEAs and other organisations across the UK.

International Work

There was also an expansion in our international training work, in particular:

Council of Europe conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship with co-ordinators from 37 European countries.

Seminar and Citizenship Conference, requested by Bahrain Ministry of Education.

Work with an international team of human rights educators, under the auspices of the Council of Europe, to develop the schools curriculum and supporting teaching resources.

Collaboration with European educators to develop citizenship education teacher training resources in partnership with Krasnoyarsk State University and the Moscow Academy.

Seminar on Education for Democratic Citizenship organised by the Serbian Ministry of Education, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

Supported by the British Council, work with teacher trainers to develop a training event for forty Turkish teachers who themselves will become local trainers.

In return, we have learnt from a wide variety of international visitors including from Australia, East Jerusalem, Kosovo, Mexico, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey and USA. Erin Donovan from Street Law, a US charity with similar aims, spent three weeks working with us, including running a pilot Youth Act! training session with young people in Stoke that we hope to develop into a full project.

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