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Every year, hundreds of people across the country give their time to make our work possible.

Their involvement ranges from local activities through to central project development.

If you're interested in joining them, please do contact us.

Mock Trial Competitions

We depend on hundreds of volunteers to run mock trial competitions with young people in courts across the UK.

Typically we have a network of around 800 magistrates, 200 barristers and advocates, 70 judges and court staff at locations around the country.

Young Citizen's Passport

Young Citizen's Passport, 15th editionThe Young Citizen's Passport is our award-winning guide to the law for young people is only possible because of volunteer support from lawyers.

Each year they give their time to ensure the book is legally accurate and reflects any changes to legislation or case law.

They are in turn co-ordinated by a voluntary project manager at the Citizenship Foundation.

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