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List of resources - KS2

All at Sea (a supplement to 'Talking about values in the classroom') (Pamphlets)
A story of fairness and the rule of law; a supplement to 'Talking about values in the classroom'

Care to Make a Difference? (Books)
Survey of Key Stage 2 Pupils’ Attitudes and Behaviours

Get on with the Game (Online)

Go Givers (Online)

Headlines: Poverty (Books)
Teaching Controversial Issues

Headlines: Prejudice (Books)
Teaching Controversial Issues

Headlines: Violence (Books)
Teaching Controversial Issues

Headlines: War & Conflict (Books)
Teaching Controversial Issues

Introducing Citizenship (Books)
A practical handbook for primary schools.

Making sense of citizenship (Pamphlets)
CPD handbook

Moral and Civic Education: The Search for a Robust Entitlement Model (Papers)

Respecting Differences: A Friend for Farouk (Pamphlets)

Respecting Differences: The Unluckiest Woman (Printed)

We work together: can you? (Pamphlets)
A teaching resource for promoting co-operation and conflict resolution.

You, Me, Us! (Books)
A Citizenship pack for primary schools.

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