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List of resources - 20+

Business of School Councils, The (Papers)
An investigation into democracy in schools

Citizen and the Law, The (Papers)

Citizen as a Moral Agent: the Development of a Continuous and Progressive Citizenship Curriculum, The (Papers)

Citizenship and the role of language (Papers)

Citizenship Foundation, The (Papers)

Democracy in Schools and the Local Community (Pamphlets)
A free leaflet on setting up a school council, and youth participation in local democracy.

Developing Spiritual, Moral and Social Values through a Citizenship Programme for Primary Schools (Papers)

Education for Citizenship in Europe (Papers)

Education for Deliberative Competence: Moral Education in a Pluralist Society (Papers)

European Citizenship and Education for Democracy and Human Rights (Papers)

Human Rights ImpACT (Pamphlets)
A short guide to the Human Rights Act 1998.

I was a teenage governor, phase 1 report (Papers)
Project report phase 1: Pupil Governorship: initial thoughts and possibilities

InterACT manual (Printed)
Connecting communities through social action

Law-related Education: an overview (Papers)

Mapping the complexities of citizenship (Papers)

Moral and Civic Education: The Search for a Robust Entitlement Model (Papers)

Playing a Part: The Citizenship Curriculum (Papers)
Introductory chapter to 'Playing a Part: Drama and Citizenship'.

Value Pluralism, Democracy and Education for Citizenship (Papers)

What's it all about? (Papers)
Making the case for introducing primary age pupils to the thinking skills associated with good citizenship.

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