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All at Sea (a supplement to 'Talking about values in the classroom')

Author: Don Rowe

A ship sails on the sea.


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A story of fairness and the rule of law; a supplement to 'Talking about values in the classroom'

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KS2 - KS3


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Citizenship Foundation


This teaching unit by citizenship education pioneer Don Rowe accompanies 'Talking about values in the classroom', which introduces teachers to this method of developing students' skills of thinking and talking about moral issues. (Although it can be used on its own.)

Schools are now expected to promote 'character' and 'British values', so teachers should find this a very welcome addition to their toolkit.

Re-written for 2015, All at Sea was created in 1994 by Don Rowe and Jan Newton, as part of our seminal 'You, Me, Us!' resource for citizenship teaching.

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