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I was a teenage governor, phase 1 report

Authors: Joe Hallgarten, Tony Breslin & Derry Hannam


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Project report phase 1: Pupil Governorship: initial thoughts and possibilities

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IPPR, Citizenship Foundation


New regulations on Governing Bodies have meant that, from 1 September 2003, governing bodies are able to appoint pupils as members of governing body committees (as 'associate members'). They can also invite them to attend full governing body meetings. This is the first time young people have been able to participate in the governance of schools to this degree and could have a positive impact on the learning of students, school's culture and ethos and school governance itself.

The project, a partnership between the Citizenship Foundation, IPPR and The Phoenix Education Trust, ran in two phases with support from The Carnegie UK Trust and Carnegie Young People Initiative. Fourteen schools from LEAs across England participated in the project.

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