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Making sense of citizenship

Edited by Ted Huddleston & David Kerr

Cover of 'Making sense of citizenship', a handbook for continuing professional development.

Date Published



Format: Paperback
Pages: 240

ISBN: 978-0-340-92681-9


Hodder Education
Tel:01235 827827
Fax:01273 400401


Developed by the Citizenship Foundation and the Association for Citizenship Teaching in association with Citized, the DfES, QCA LSDA and Ofsted, this handbook provides a practical, comprehensive guide to effective citizenship education for anyone involved in its teaching or management in the primary, secondary and post-16 phases.

It has advice on alternative methods of delivery, teaching and learning strategies, assessment and reporting, and management and review, as well as detailed training exercises and suggestions for professional development.

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From Ashley Cooper -
Clear and concise thanks
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From tube8 - tube8
Thank you for this amazing information from your site.
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From mattas - morocco
as far as im concerned that citizenship is very interesting in our life because it helps young peaple to increase self-confidence and being a member of asociation so i can say that citizenship has achieved a hight level for peaple
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From chukwu john - agbani
thanks for your obviate of our oblivious as a citizen
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From Louis Uzoma - East London
The importance of citizenship education cannot be over-emphasised.In my opinion, it should be kept out of politics as the benefits of teaching this subject in our wider school curriculum transcends party politics.it is about our basic rights and responsibilities in our communities,how we act and react to our neighbours and indeed our everyday lifes.It is embracing and for a better cosmopolitan society,it should be a leading subject in our school curriculum.
Rating:(Not rated)
From Ugoala Hyacinth Ugonna - Abia State
I think, citizenship Education makes our young scholars, to know the norms of their community. Citizenship builds self confidence of our youths to relate to each other, and also make them to know their right and obligations.
Rating:(Not rated)
From Nwangwu Oluchukwu - Abuja
Citizenship Education is an essential tool for Nation Building, because it helps in building the right leaders through being the right followers. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity of learning and knowing what citizenship education is all about.
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