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My Money, My Rights


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Pocket guide to money for young people

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My Money, My Rights is a pocket guide offering clear and up to date information on all aspects of money for young people, produced in association with Santander.

Based on the Young Citizen's Passport, My Money, My Rights explores legal issues surrounding money, with chapters focusing on Banks and Building Societies, Spending, and Student Finance.

It provides concise, easy to use advice on everything from what to do if you get into debt to avoiding internet scams. The guide is accompanied by 2 specially written lesson plans to encourage teachers to use My Money, My Rights in the classroom.


From siobhan - london
i enjoyed the activity true/ false, the information about the student with store cards and debts and a new card was me! i am forwarding this to my 13 year old daughter before its too late.
From Sue Galloway - Camberley
A really good practical resource which our students worked well with. Staff delivering the unit found it easy to use and very informative and educational
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